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seeing as the storm system is beginning to take shape, a lot of rain that way and it's expected to dip down for the gulf coast -- somewhere off the mid-atlantic, it is a long way off and a tricky path to take. you can see where it ends up. the closer to the coast, the more impact we will feel here. the most certain area to get hit is up to the jersey beaches and along the delaware. they could feel the impact of an intensifying nor'easter there. let's go live now to downtown baltimore. it is a little if the on the exact position. does it look to it -- it does not look to be as strong as sandy, but there is some concern. >> just what we need, a nor'easter on top of san the last week. we're not certain what will happen but one thing is for sure. -- on top of a sandy last week. even if we get moderate winds
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associated with this storm, trees could fall on power lines and that could pose problems. >> it is a possible situation of here we go again -- a week after super storms and the hit the northeast with a fury, a number of weather models show a nor'easter headed for the same area. while damage was married -- was a mild for most of maryland, there is concerned about flooding on the eastern shore and snow in central maryland, meeting more hard work for bge. >> we will prepare and we are stocking where we need to if we have to respond. >> bge has started to get things moving after sandy blew through. since last friday, inspection crews have been looking at older trees which could be more vulnerable to fall because the ground is saturated. >> it a concern for us.
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trees are in a precarious position. it just takes one gust at the wrong time to bring that line down. we will continue with the inspection process through the week. >> to one silver lining may have been caused by sandy. officials say the strong wind walked most of the leaves off area trees which gives them more leeway. >> anything above 35 miles an hour, we get concerned. it seems like it will be more damage to the east of interstate 95 as opposed to the west. >> i talked to a number of officials today, even in ocean city, all of them tell me they will wait until tomorrow before they put plans in place to see where this storm is going to track. live outside of bge. >> police are investigating the
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discovery of a man's body in middle branch park. they received a report of a possible assault around 11:15 this morning. when they arrived, they made the discovery of the body. homicide detectives are working with the medical examiner's office to identify the body and cause of death. >> city police are investigating three violent crimes in downtown baltimore. we told you last week about a woman in her 20s who was jogging in that neighborhood when she was attacked at sexually assaulted. now we are learning of a 75- year-old woman brought at gunpoint on eastern avenue. she was trying to take money out of an atm when a man demanded her cash. the 10th -- the third incident happened on friday with a man attacked downtown in the middle of the day, apparently beaten by a group of four or five men. he is currently a hospital in an induced coma.
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>> , this is it -- after months of crisscrossing the country at lots of glad handing, it will be over tomorrow. >> president obama and but robbie r. of furious week -- furiously campaign to get people to the polls. >> we've got the latest from the battleground state of ohio. >> good evening from cincinnati. a pivotal part of a pivotal states -- ohio is so important it's the only battleground both presidential candidates are visiting on this day. governor romney began his day pushing for it. >> we can begin a better tomorrow, tomorrow and with the help of people in florida, but it's going to happen. >> if you are tired of being tired, ask you to vote for change. help us when this. >> with bruce springsteen, president obama started in
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wisconsin. >> you know i will fight for you and your families every single day. >> last night, colorado, a huge rally. after a shimmy with stevie wonder in cincinnati, ohio, the president urged his backers to vote today. bowlines to early vote in ohio had long but republicans won a fight to shorten voting hours. mary jenkins was out to get obama backers to the polls. she figured she could make a difference-lee. >> i would not be able to sleep at night if i did not put in every shift i'm putting in over these four days. thank you very much for your a doozy of them. >> across town is a mitt romney phone bank. >> we're just calling to remind you that voting is very important. >> of high republicans figure their work could decide the presidency. >> if this county and the bread for mayor romney, that will the long way toward winning this state. -- of this county goes red for
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mitt romney that will go a long way toward winning the state. >> president obama will head to i will -- had to iowa for his final event on this frantic day. republican poll watchers here say they could challenge thousands of ballots which might mean the race is close. no ohio result for 10 days. baltimore forto our continued team coverage of the election in maryland. >> political rallies regarding referendum questions ruled the day across maryland. >> maryland cash, bring it back. its -- to the place it belongs. not west virginia, don't let them spin you. >> supporters of question 7, to expand gambling in maryland. the charity starts at home rally featured elected officials from the governor to account executive.
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>> maryland money has developed in the west virginia, delaware and pennsylvania. >> that money is supposed to go to education and i stand by her. if we don't have it, it ain't going nowhere. >> millions have been spent in support and opposition to opening a sixth casino in prince george's county and lulling table games all casita sites. mgm has a hundred million dollar investment in casino harbor. >> it question seven veils tomorrow, we will respect -- fails tomorrow, we will respect the people's voice and we will go home. >> clergy and civil rights groups stood to legally recognize same-sex marriage chris >> it is a civil right and we will stand by it. >> we have to remove the discrimination that exists in our society. >> the real question is whether the denial of justice can be
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justified for some. >> a similar civil rights team framed a gathering of students and clergy in support of the dream act which provides college tuition for undocumented use. >> it's a threat to justice everywhere and it's imperative we enable all children of all ethnicities the opportunity and right to be educated. >> although the governor's name is not on the ballot, much of his legislative agenda is. we will have much of that story at 6:00. >> over the past couple of days, we have held a town hall live chats at regarding question 6 and question seven. you can see the full transcript at
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>> needing a fourth quarter comeback, the reagan delivered late on sunday for a 10. when in cleveland. -- there raven's it delivered late on sunday for a 10. win. >> not everybody is happy with the reagan that six and two. i suspect a lot of raven's then watched the game feeling like an old married couple watching the screen and saying i don't even know you anymore. this one found its footing before mushrooming into major problems. the offense looked as precise as a navy seals team in the first quarter, absolutely spot on. the opening drive of 80 yards -- 7-0, ravens. the second possession, the ravens went right back to the running game. bernard appears in his first nfl touchdown. but the rate of only got one
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first down in the second quarter and didn't gain any yards in the third quarter. in the fourth quarter, the browns' quarterback looked like a go-ahead touchdown but called back because of an illegal formation on the grounds. a huge break for the ravens. nine minutes left -- finding tory smith. hitting the accelerator for 19 yards. the ravens convert on the two- point conversion. they beat the browns 25-15. 10 straight wins against cleveland. nobody mentioned anything about easy. >> people have great players. this is not college football. what did buddy ryan say? east carolina is said heck of a program. but he said there is no east carolina. there is no home coming opponents. this is the nfl. >> it won't get any easier.
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the ravens will play their only home game of november. after that, it will be a crucial three weeks stretch in which they face the steelers, the chargers and the steelers again. more at 6:00. >> that is a rough stretch. thank you. >> it still ahead, one week after super storm zandi, hundreds of people are still out of their homes. >> federal emergency officials are stepping in. >> a massive water main break had drivers taking the tours all week. an update on the repairs. >> tips to keep in mind before you head out to the polls
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>> it 2600 block of the york road is open after being closed due to a water main break. there is still one closed lane due to some additional -- water utility work. the main broke tuesday, following another break here east lane. officials reopened east cold spring on friday. >> not to the aftermath of super storm sandy. officials are still working to find housing for 300 residents displaced by last week's storm.
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officials say more than 275 people are still out of their homes. including a public housing unit that was flooded. a community center is offering a temporary shelter. somerset county is expected to receive a federal disaster declaration. about 3900 homes and businesses buried under snow are still without power tonight. more than 500 guards -- linesman and tree trimming crews are working on the area. as for polling places, power should be restored or replace that alternate locations by the end of the day. >> a week after super storm set -- a week after super storm sandy hit, there is the difficult task of recovery. >> and there are too big tasks
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on the eve of a presidential election -- where are the storm victims going to vote and what about that nor'easter headed our way? >> it has been a full week now and while there are some signs of progress, today, the staten island ferry was packed with people going back to work and school for the first time. still, the devastation and difficulty stretched for miles in the wake of sandy. communities, ripped apart, struggling to survive. >> it is not the same everywhere. when i leave here, i'm going to some of the areas that are still without power and heat and transportation. >> at least 130,000 people are in shelters across the area. more than a million people don't have electricity. more than 200,000 families are homeless after the storm. >> we don't know where we are going, but we have each other. >> families, friends, and
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volunteers continue the hard work on the front lines. >> it's a big disaster and we need all the help we can get. >> help on the eve of election day is being focused on polling places hoping to generate the opportunity for everyone to vote. power will be moved where it is needed, but in some areas, it won't be enough. in new york city alone, more than 60 polling places have been moved or closed because of the storm. officials are scrambling for options. while clean-up crews continue to scramble to get as much done before the next storm, a harsh nor'easter, moves in. >> the core -- the forecast is for continued cold weather for much of the week and potentially serious storm with wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour beginning wednesday afternoon into thursday. >> way to sue for millions still reeling from sandy. >> be we continue to monitor the
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progress. it's not too bad other than the chilly temperatures. we will work things up for election day. maybe a few showers in the pacific northwest. generally good and whether for election day. this guy's have cleared out and our only weather problem will be the cold. we have temperatures that have been running well below normal. only 30 degrees in oakland. some deep snow pack out there from the storm, so that is keeping things in the 30's. even during the war that the afternoon, in the mid '40's -- that's quite a bit below normal. we're supposed to be hitting low 60s this time of year. with the clear skies and light winds, if the season has not ended in your area, it will tonight. warnings that all-around central
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maryland. temperatures expected to drop into the 20s. low to mid '30's in downtown baltimore, so it is the end of the growing season. the sun set at 5:00 now in the eastern standard time zone. we can see sun setting earlier. it comes up earlier and goes down at 5:00. 10 to 50 degrees cooler than normal tomorrow with a good deal of sunshine. sunrise at 6:41. on the day, when -- generally quiet. if you are heading into the mountains, cold stuff -- '30's for high and far enough from the coastal storm so that the snow chance is only 20%. most action will be closer to the coast which means as we had to the eastern shore, rain and
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snow chances increase and the worst of the weather will be at ocean city with windswept rain along the coast again depending on the exact position of that storm. cold high-pressure delivering a chill into the mid-atlantic and northeast. a storm forming on the arkansas border and expected to drop south toward the gulf coast. a classic pattern here. the big question which we will be talking about for the next couple of days and months, how close to the coast will it be? far enough out shores of the main impact will be on the beaches. centered with the isobars circulating. that means strong and gusty winds in places hit hard by sandy. not nearly as strong as
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sandy. we're not talking about the same type of impact. it is problematic because of what they are trying to clean up. the rainfall chances are significant along be coastal areas. the farther inland you go, the less rain you can expect. still an inch or two of rain possible in maryland if the storm stays close enough to the coast. beautiful election day with a cold and windy wednesday. the snow showers and thursday morning. highs in the mid to upper 60s. >> still had, a drug impression -- -- >> it trying to figure out what to do with a 3 ft. long alligator. what to do with him, straight ahead. >> the mount washington tavern is ready to reopen. is ready to reopen. we have a sneak preview
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i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. ben's protected our medicare and veterans' benefits. and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message.
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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>> a drug trafficking investigation leads to an interesting discovery -- a 3 foot alligator inside a person's home. this alligator has been transported to a facility for exotic animals. police say it was living in the home of a drug suspect on glen eagle drive. the suspect has been identified as michael bolton. officials said they thought were that $3,100 worth of marijuana in his possession. >> house lawmakers are investigating the deadly meningitis outbreak. they're asking the head of the fda to testify. officials say dr. margaret hamburg will appear before the first committee. the co-founder of the compounding center in massachusetts for the drug was distributed has been invited to testify. so far, more than 400 people were sickened by contaminated
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steroid shots and 29 people have died. this has probably happened to you before -- you are hungry and sleepy and grab a snack but a quick choice is usually pretty high in calories and not very healthy. now a lack of sleep can add on the pounds. >> you have heard it before -- there is a link between sleep deprivation and obesity. a new study out of the mayo clinic sheds new light. >> people who slept five hours on average compared to people who slept six or seven hours took in 550 more calories per day. >> when people are sleep deprived, they often make poor lifestyle decisions. >> people who are sleep deprived seem to take in more calories. they don't seem to expend more calories even though they are awake more of the time. >> one dietitian says get all of
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yourself and your habits. >> your not making good choices and just one quick energy. people tend to go toward donuts and pastries, coke and candy bars. >> those kinds of foods will give you a quick energy but burn quickly in your body. she says to go for more quit -- to go for more carbohydrates. >> eat something every few hours to keep the energy going. >> its a good idea to pack healthy snacks like cheese and crackers or peanut butter and crackers so when you feel like grabbing something back with sugar and calories, you have a better alternative. blacksburg -- >> a violent weekend that left three men dead. >> more than one year after a fire burned it to the ground, but not washington tavern is ready to reopen. i
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maryland, it's time. time for marriage equality. question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love. while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans
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are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? >> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 5:00. >> we will pass question six, marge equality in this state. >> it a huge economic investment to pass the dream act. >> we're not saying no gambling. what we are saying is no
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expansion of gambling. >> it is the final push -- over the next 24 hours, you will hear all lot of that. >> we're in the home stretch of campaigning as we head into election day. supporters and opponents make their closing pitch, it's time to get ready for voters at the polls. lisa robinson joins us now with a look at what has to happen between now and tomorrow morning. >> between now and tomorrow, the machines have to be plugged in and ready to go. voters have to read their sample ballots and other questions and candidates. >> do me a favor and verify your address. >> the board of elections was busy as usual the day before the election. the director says the county's 227 polling places are ready for voters. >> we are ready. our judges are hired and ready to go. the equipment is out there and we will start setting up this evening so they are ready tomorrow. >> early voting turnout was good
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in the city and county. people were still getting their vote in early by voting absentee. >> i came to get an absentee ballot for my dad. he went into the hospital on friday and is unable to vote. >> this resident just moved and wanted to make sure his vote counts. >> i want a chance to have a paper trail. >> the board of elections says he has everything ready for the 7:00 opening of the polls. >> i think we're going to have a great day. we will have lines and we encourage voters to read their sample ballot and market and bring it with them. that way, when they get there, they won't take long in the voting machine. >> and you do not need a voting card or id to vote. >> they will have to verify their address and month and day of birth and identify the card saying it is true. maryland does not have an id
5:32 pm
lot. >> he said he expects about a 65% voter turnout in the city. the polls are open from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 -- from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. >> just one week after super storm sandy, another coastal storm is headed our way. a nor'easter is brewing offshore and it could hit the east coast wednesday into thursday. the storm is expected to produce strong wind and heavy rains which would pose a threat to buildings and trees already weakened by sandy. it could also hamper cleanup efforts and work to restore electricity. police are trying to figure out the circumstances of how a man's body came to be in middle branch park. police received a report a possible assault at around 11:15 this morning. they made the discovery of the
5:33 pm
body and at this hour, the medical examiner's office is working to determine the identity of the man and the cause of death. city police are investigating seven shootings from over the weekend. three of the more deadly. it started on saturday and continued into the early morning hours on sunday. the latest along the 3100 block of audubon place. the 26-year-old was shot and killed during a home invasion and robbery. so far, no arrests have been made. anyone with information should contact police. just over one year after it burned to the ground, the mount washington tavern is set to reopen. >> workers are finishing up the final touches, getting ready for their big reopening. it was just over one year ago that the tavern caught fire and
5:34 pm
burned nearly to the ground. >> it was actually a very cold day that day and we have a local salon over there which was very nice to let us then and we were speechless. we sat there and watched the whole thing happened. >> the only thing left standing where the 30 original stone and brick walls. the owners got to work to redesign that tavern even better than the zero original building from the late 1800's. >> we made a list of what worked and what didn't that what we would like to change. >> returning customers will find a lot of familiar faces. many of the staff is still the same but they will find a lot of changes to the actual building. >> we had to do everything upgraded to code. we have an elevator and sprinkler system and other technical things. the building layout itself is all on one level.
5:35 pm
it is much more open now and easier to navigate. >> and the entire place has gotten a makeover with new decorations and furnishing. the upstairs room has undergone a complete transformation, including local our work and an adjoining bar with a deck area. the entire renovation cost upwards of $4 million, but it has brought not washington tavern into a new era. >> i don't know if i would want to do it that way again, but it is a new tavern and we're looking for to having people come back. >> they will reopen at 4:00 on tuesday afternoon. wednesday will be its first full day back in service. >> quite a transformation. >> it looks nice. >> coming up, a truly horrifying tragedy -- a 2-year-old killed while visiting the pittsburgh zoo. how he ended up being mauled to death by 11 wild dogs. >> mother nature strikes the state of new jersey once again
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-- some residents woke up to an earthquake. >> maryland has never seen anything like it -- we to live up, a whopping amount of money to con
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>> covering the nation tonight -- you might want to call it adding insult to injury. residents of new jersey dealing with downed trees and power outages will come up to a small earthquake today. it had a magnitude of 2.0. geophysicists say some people reported hearing a loud booms and shaking and vibration. the quake was 3 miles below the ground. no reports of any damage. >> a terrible tragedy this weekend at pittsburgh zoo -- a child was mauled to death by a pack of african wild dogs. the 2-year-old mother had put him on a railing and he somehow slipped and fell over the fence and it bounced off a safety net and straight into the exhibit.
5:40 pm
the president had been told the child survived the fall but was killed before is the members could reach him. an internal investigation will determine what had been -- what could have been done differently. a student pilot clips the top of and as you be trying to land at it all caught on video. it all happened when he was going in for a landing at the northwest regional airport. his wife was videotaping the landing. the plane clipped the top of and as you be driving on a road close to the runway. of the to people inside, only one suffered injuries. >> they were lucky. still ahead, a number of banks are being lenient. i guess that is a fair word to use. we will explain how. >> after the super storm, you would think gas prices would jump but in most places, it's actually the opposite.
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>> baltimore in helping those in need in new york and new jersey. that story coming up. >> low pressure over the mississippi valley headed our way, possibly as a coastal storm. temperatures only in the '40'
5:42 pm
maryland, it's time. time for marriage equality. question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love. while there are those trying to divide us, presidents obama and clinton stand with us. pastors, business leaders, newspapers, democrats and republicans are all coming together for question 6. because it's about fairness-- treating everyone equal under the law. and who could be against that? >> coming up at 6:00, the final countdown until the presidential election and the candidates are pulling out all the stops. we'll have details and the results of a new national poll. >> with questions like gambling and same-sex marriage on the
5:43 pm
ballot, a lot of money went into it. we will look at the big time
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>> we have some breaking news out of southwest baltimore. for 90 minutes, police have been on the scene and a stabbing on washington boulevard. this video is just in to our newsroom. the victim is a woman and her injuries have been described as serious. stay with us and we will continue to monitor the situation. >> if you tuned into the benefit concert, the numbers are in when it comes to how much money it raised. officials confirmed $22.9 million were pledged by phone
5:45 pm
and on line during the coming together benefit. the hourlong telethon was hosted by matt lauer and included performances by bruce springsteen and others. all of the money will be donated to the american red cross. here in baltimore, more help is headed north. officials decided they would send more responders. members of the community are reaching out as well. >> and aol officer, employees and their families were trying to do their part to help out the folks in new york and new jersey hit by hurricane zandi. >> we have a state of emergency. we just want to pitch in and help. we've got food, water, clinging surprise -- cleaning supplies.
5:46 pm
it has been awesome. >> temple members were pulling up all morning items for storm victims. >> if that happened to us, i would hope people would do the same thing for us. this is what we should do. this is how america comes together. >> we have such an abundance and people have lost everything. all we can do is help them when they arrive. >> batteries, water -- quite temple members came up with the id after they saw the devastation caused in new york and new jersey by the storm. been proud of the members of our community who have developed this idea to send goods to new york and new jersey. they have done this on their own and we just helped organize it. >> we've been here for two hours today and this is all we
5:47 pm
have had come in. we have had a truck donated to us which has been incredible. >> we have people dropping things off to us last night. >> they brought "-- they brought food, clothing and pet food. >> it's the one good thing we can do for people in need. one good turn deserves another. >> folks at the temples as long as there is a need, they will help. >> a lot of recovery to go. >> and a lot of people who want to help. >> we want to hear about another big -- the last thing we want to hear is another big storm. >> we hope to get past this midweek one. this will not be nearly as bad as sandy. it will be a strong nor'easter close to the coast but we are not talking about a super storm. this is a medium to moderate
5:48 pm
sized coastal storm. right now, we are dealing with the cold weather. 61 is normal. 13 degrees cooler than normal. a very chilly early november day. the low has been right on target but we may go below 39 tonight. clear skies about much of the region now. high pressure strengthening over the area with clear skies and temperatures ranging from below freezing to the 40's. they will drop quickly after sunset and we are likely to see the coldest tempatures of the season in many areas. freeze warnings are in effect for the lower eastern shore. for areas that have not had a freeze yet, the growing season will probably end tonight. the skies will be clear and the temperatures close to 25. tomorrow, even with a sunny day
5:49 pm
on tap, no problems as far as the weather goes. do it and you won't have any weather problems other than the chill. on the day tomorrow, went out of the northeast, gradually increasing through that afternoon. s on the western part of the state, some sunshine with snow on the ground keeping the temperature in the 30's. a chance for flurries or snow showers in the mountains. the main impact of the storm will be closer to the coast with the chance increasing wednesday with perhaps some snow mixed in. gusty wind and rain thursday. the wind could gust over 50 miles an hour. this storm is still coming together, dropping down and heading for the gulf. beginning tuesday night going into wednesday. the model has the storm center
5:50 pm
east of the virginia capes, slowly crawling up the coast. most of central and eastern maryland is where we deal with it and that it works its way up to southern port -- southern new england. watch the purple and blue there -- that is where you get the 40 and 50 mile per hour winds. we will have 25 mile an hour winds west of the day but it looks like the worst of the weather will be on the beach. sunny skies and 50 agrees. wayne at -- rain and wet snow mixed in and then look at the warming trend. "consumer alert" -- if you lost your power during hurricane sandy, you may up -- you may be up for credit from your cable providers. they are joining cablevision in offering credits to customers who lost service.
5:51 pm
directv and verizon have adopted similar policies but you'll have to contact them and identify the time during which you did not have access to their services. a number of banks are waiving fees in places hit hard by the super storm. chase and citibank are not charging late fees. in maryland and the washington d.c. area, joining wells fargo. most will look the other way on charges incurred. that would be tricky in the earlier policy which had customers visiting the branch. that deal will run through the end of business on wednesday. a lot of people are assuming gas prices would go up. but the average price at the pump in the baltimore area was down 5 cents a gallon from one week ago. most drivers paying $3.47 compared to $3.50 nationally.
5:52 pm
while the extreme weather is impacting the refineries in the northeast, refineries elsewhere are doing just fine. prices are expected to drop to $3.35 a gallon by thanksgiving. when it comes to getting a great deal, it looks like november is the best month out of the year. from 50% of hauling candy to other deals, retailers say they use november to offer discounts on things in high demand like a choir. it is also a great time to shop for a wedding dresses. bridal shops are getting ready for the next season. the same goes for travel all across the map. if you are looking for work in the baltimore area, 100 new jobs just opened with domino's pizza. they're looking to fill positions for delivery drivers and assistant managers. they are hosting an event this
5:53 pm
week where anyone can apply. that is being held at the domino's location. those positions are managerial as well as delivery. we are told people will have the delivery to -- the opportunity to move up the ranks and the company. >> officials are trying to this -- trying to help a disabled many total. she is recently found hobbling near northern parkway and falls road. she was dirty and had a fractured pa. a cherry and specialists say she needs surgery to prevent further damage to her leg and shoulder. the problem is the surgery is outside the realm of the of pd and. >> the surgery involves basically read breaking her leg and placing pins in it to stabilize the joint. >> that is a cute little doggy. it will take several months order to heal completely back
5:54 pm
but once it is done, she will be available for adoption. you can go on line and send some money that way. we have a link on our web site. new reports show spending on the presidential election will top $6 billion. but here in maryland, a lot of money is being spent on the local referendum. >> and the ravens rickey with his first nfl touchdown. >> it was a close one but the raven's pulled off. we lived a tense moment and exciting plays in tonight's sideline soundtrack.
5:55 pm
it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants...
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which hire more workers. and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message.
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>> at the afc north leading baltimore ravens did not have an easy time putting away the browns yesterday but they left cleveland in the win column. it's time for our sideline soundtracks. >> a quick snap on the and huddle. touchdown. struck of the raven's first. >> what a great ride. >> he gets the pitch, one man to beat. touchdown.
5:58 pm
his first nfl touchdown. blitzed pressure up the middle. the eight touchdown. >> lots of play action, a deep drop across the middle. a first down. finally, since their first possession in the second quarter. three. and it five. -- touchdown corey smith and the ravens regain the lead. >> it is intercepted at the 45 yard line. the ravens will take possession of the ball.
5:59 pm
isit wasn't pretty but a win a win. that's all for us at 5:00. >> that tv ads -- >> this is the final push to the white house and the candidates are racing from state to state. where they are and what they are doing, coming up. >> his name is not on the ballot but it could say a lot about governor o'malley's vision for maryland. >> a possible nor'easter on the way could bring rain, wind and snow. that story and more as 11 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> it is the final countdown to tomorrow's election and a presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops as they hurry
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